For any organization the website is best communication tool. Churches are not exception. The majority of church websites lack basics of designs and they are not effective in communicating with their audience in proper way. The church website can be helpful for new people to find church, which helps in church growth. You can post upcoming events and programs information on church website so your attendee can schedule their engagement accordingly. There are three important aspects of effective church website design- 1) Proper service information […]

• WordPress – World most liked CMS for website (Used by 80% of Church websites). There are 1000s of themes available from various marketplaces to choose from. • – 2013 revenue was $80.47 Million. With 34million registered users, its obvious choice for masses. • – The best advantage of this platform is the huge collection of templates and covers many popular categories. • – They offer free domain name along with storage of 50MB • – Its one of the most […]

Church Website Template Cost – $16 Per site Today we are reviewing one of the best responsive HTML5 church template. Crownhill is very good and cheap option for creating responsive HTML church website. Following pages are included in the website template but you can add more- Home Page Blog Blog Two column Blog Grid View Blog Details Events Event Details Event Calendar Sermons Sermons Details Store Store Details Gallery Prayer Wall Contact page Short Codes Error page Icons Page   The package for Crownhill Church […]

WordPress is one of the most sought after CMS for websites around the world. The best thing about wordpress is its very very easy to install and even novice with zero knowledge of programming and coding can install the wordpress theme in 1 minutes. Plugins are the most integral part of a wordpress website and are important for creating different functionality on your website. There are millions of plugins available for various tasks and are both paid and free. You need to do little bit […]

ACS Technologies – One of the leading Software providers for faith based organizations. The current client base consists of over 50,000 churches. Most of their clients are amount then 100 fastest growing churches in USA. It has client base in all 50 states in USA, Canada and Europe. Power Church – Founded in 1984, with over 21 years of experience in field of Church management Software, Power Church has got a client base of 36000 churches. They have got very high customer loyalty in the […]

Do you think that if your church is having around 90 attendees even on the weekends then your church is doing great? If you think so then you must be alert because in United States, the church having 90 attendees or less than that on weekends is considered an average church. Well, it’s not off beam to have a small church, but it is the core mission of a church to lure more attendees in order to have large number of people having faith in […]

Church is a place where we acquire the preaching or proclamation of Gospel. We truly get to know all the good things about the God, Jesus Christ in Church. Although Church is an enclosed place of worship where all the proclamations about the God are available in abundance, there are certain missionaries of Church that provide Gospel preaching through ‘good deeds’ even outside through outreach programs. Such outreach programs are considered quite helpful for those who are unable to access the Church services. However, there […]

Why do the Church needs a website? Why a place of worship needs online presence or online marketing? If these are the questions that are popping in your mind then first understand that a Church website is not really for marketing purposes, but it is a platform that can invite many people to a place where they can create a strong relation with God. Yes, the website for a Church is the place where the followers of the Jesus can acquire all the necessary information […]

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